Too much space

I opened my eyes. There I was. In front of a big bustling bubbly city that was ready to swallow me again, only by aggressively pulling my left leg. I turned around and saw my right leg behind me, across the Arabic sea. While I breathed in I felt a lot of space in my chest. Too much space. I looked down. Wtf. Something was missing there. My heart. Where was it? I must’ve left it somewhere. I looked back again. I saw a glimpse of it in a sandy mala in between sweating yogis. A glimpse of it on a beach, under the stars and a full moon. A glimpse of it on the rocks next to a mediating monkey near a temple. A glimpse in a train, on the luggage reck above an Indian family. A glimpse in a Maharajan style bed, under a mosquito net. And a bit in the most clear blue eyes ever seen. Apparently I had left it there. All I could do was hope. Hope, that not just a somebody out there would take good care of it.