Being an ostrich

There is something wrong with me. It is my greatest biggest most loveable hobby of all: travelling. And the best news is that I am leaving within 2 weeks! So why am I not looking forward to it? It took me a lot of time, a lot of conversations and a talk with Irma to find out: i am burying my head in the sand. Do the English even understand what I am saying? Ik steek mn kop in het zand. Why? I am too happy with my life here and now. At first I kept on telling my friends: “Ah I am living in the here and now, all the meditation time is finally paying off! There is no tension, no expectation, I will see it when I get there”. But then I found out that I am a liar. A big one! I just dont want to think ahead because I fail hugely in saying goodbye. I dont want to say goodbye to a life like this. I dont want to leave! Give me two more weeks. I will keep you posted on me being an ostrich. In the end I need my food too, so I will have to get my head out of the sand. Soon. Hopefully.



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