5 things that happen to you after being in an earthquake

Even though we seem to be adventurous human beings, having an earthquake happening to us was not something we had on the bucket list. But still, it can bring you something, good and bad. 5 things that happen to you after being in an earthquake:

1. You get earthquake legs. Every tiny tremor of the earth can freak you out in a split second. That is kinda annoying, mainly because most of the time there are no actual tremors. You just make them up and people laugh at you when you ask “did you feel that?”. But that’s fine. Bring on the trucks on the roads and the landing aircrafts next to us. I need to get over this as soon as possible.
2. People treat you like a hero and call you a survivor. And even though it comes from a good heart, it’s highly annoying to get praise for something that you don’t feel like you deserved. And it’s hard to turn down, like a present you don’t want to receive, you know that’s just rude. And we don’t want to be rude. But we are no heroes nor survivors. We were just there when it happened. That’s all. 
3. You act like a baby when it comes to crossing loose bridges, stairs and steps in shallow ponds. I wish you were all there when my brother and me freaked out when we jumped on steps in a pond back home. Loads of kids hopping on the stones and we had cold feet. Idiots. It’s all between our ears, yes we know, but after having lost contact with the ground, we just don’t like moving floors anymore.
4. You eat like a pig. It’s unbelievable. Cravings all day and we have a hard time being in control over the intake of food. I guess eating cookies and snickers for days is not too nutritious and are bodies want to make up for the loss over those days. No worries, we just eat it all and trust that this phase shall pass too. The same accounts for sleep by the way. We are lazy as ever before and find ourselves falling asleep at weird moments during the day. Sorry peops, we do find your company enjoyable, our yawning has nothing to do with you.
5. The cliches are found to be true. Moaning about superficial things seems to be the most annoying thing in the world and sometimes I even feel the need to slap people. If things annoy you, change them if you can. If you don’t like your job, quit. If you want to travel, go. Stop whining about a lack of money or goods. Listen people: these are not first world problems! So don’t be surprised if I will kick your butt if you do this again when I am around. We are extremely wealthy people, we live in a free and safe world and there are a zillion opportunities to live the life you dream of. So make it happen if you want something else than you have or shut up if you don’t want us to be angry. Thank you 🙂 
Want to read about our experiences during and after the earthquake? Read more in Dutch on Pieter’s story or mine.

4 thoughts on “5 things that happen to you after being in an earthquake

  1. Goede levenslessen eruit getrokken An. Over de meeste kan ik niet oordelen omdat ik nooit een aardbeving heb meegemaakt. De laatste ben ik het wel helemaal mee eens, al heeft het me even tijd gekost.


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