“My name is Juan Carlos, I am 12 years old. I go to school from 8AM till 2PM and then start working as a shoe polisher. I want to become an artist and need money to be able to go to college when I am older. It is my dream to become a painter. I don’t want to be in the picture alone, but you can take one together with my friend.I just polished his shoes. He is an amazing guitar-player and dreams of traveling to Europe to play in the Concert Halls there.”


“My name is Mariano. I am 60 years old and from San Pedro, Lago del Atitlan. I have 9 brothers and sisters, all between the age of 54 and 65. I am a fisherman and work with a small boat and only a net. On good days in the dry season I catch 20 kilos of fish, but from May on its only about 1 or 1,5 kilo a day. On good days I sell it, because I don’t have a wife and kids and can’t eat it all. But that’s okay. It was nice to teach you Spanish. But now you have to go, I have to take a bath here in the lake. Adios!”